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Vladimir Issaev  Ian Balsdon  Max Muller

Based in Newcastle Australia, Amber Blues is mainly original

music with a few covers of Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, U2,

Lou Reed, Tony Joe White, Muddy Waters to name some.

MAX MULLER  (Guitar, Vocals)

Max has finally hung up the sequencer and has found the perfect

rhythm section to perform his original music.  Having played nearly

every pub and club in Newcastle as a solo artist and also in the duo's

(Black Coffee) and (Izakite) it was time to put the band together now

that the right musicians became available. Max has also done the sound

for many Newcastle bands, most notably (Supersonic) and through his

Ferndale Studios recording studio has produced many fine albums for

local Newcastle muso's such as (Rod Ansell), (John Wilson), (Eugene Quinn)

and (Graham Meehan) to name a some. Max's Muso Night held at the

Lass O'Gowrie Hotel Wickham (last Tuesday of every month) has also been

the source of many very good live recordings.


Vladimir Issaev  (Bass) 

Vlad is a session bass player who has a feel for Max's music

and adds his own dimentions to it. Vlad is also a composer

and we have only started to tap into the magic

of Vlad's multitude of original compositions.


Ian Balsdon  (Drums)

Ian played in a band with Max (The 99th Floor) some years

ago and has always been interested in original songs. He can

play hard or lay back which is a rare thing for drummers to

be able to do both well. He has his own style

which fits perfectly with Max's songs as well as with the covers.



Press to play Dog's Life.....mp3

Press to play Wait Too Long.....mp3

Press to play Sunday.....mp3

Press to play My Life.....mp3

Press to play Max's Demon.....mp3